A Former Apple Insider Shares His Insights into the Company’s Legendary Brand Turnaround.

As anxious techies wait in line for the iPhone X, one can’t help but think about Apple’s insanely successful marketing and communications.

The reinvention of Apple has to be one of the biggest corporate turnarounds in history. After Steve Jobs was forced out in the late 90’s, the brand went through several product flops, including the Newton Message Pod and the Macintosh Portable, a laptop so heavy, you couldn’t rest it on an airplane table. It became clear to both Wall Street and consumers that Jobs had been the creative force behind the company’s previous success.

Indeed, once Jobs stepped back into his role as CEO, the brand bounced back.

Communications strategist Cameron Craig spent a decade with Apple and witnessed the turnaround first hand. He believes Jobs’ approach to internal and external communications can be applied to any business looking to reignite interest in its brand.

Below are key takeaways from Job’s masterful reinvention of Apple:

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How to Make Money and Grow Your Business in the Gig Economy

According to a recent study by Inuit, the gig economy is on track to grow to 43 percent of the U.S. workforce by 2020. We’re living in the era of side hustles, perma-lancing, consulting, and self-employment.

While some pine for the security of a full-time job with benefits, you may see the gig economy as a golden opportunity to do things your way, on your own time, preferably in your pajamas, and exercise complete control over your business. There’s no denying that as you strive to launch, grow, and maintain a sustainable and successful business.

So what steps should you take to build the career, and ultimately, the life you’ve always dreamed of? Four entrepreneurs share insights from their new books to help you along the way.

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How To Create A Brand Experience

Find out how brands like Brooks Brothers, Hawaiian Airlines, and Patagonia create experiences for their customers – and how you can too! Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights, gleaned from some of the most admired CMOs anywhere.

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What You Can Learn From United Airline’s Botched Crisis Response

It was the scream heard around the world: A 69-year-old doctor yanked out of his seat on an overbooked flight, manhandled, and dragged off the plane by the airport police. As is now the norm, passengers whipped out their cell phones and filmed the incident like good citizen reporters.

Within hours, United was confronting a public relations nightmare. The images shared on social media were red meat to consumers, primed by personal experience to have a negative opinion of airlines in general.

As with the recent Uber scandals, consumers threatened to boycott the company and delete their United App, according to MarketWatch. Then came CEO’s apology, for “having to re-accommodate these customers.” This apology is about a common airline practice, not one man’s shocking experience. The statement ignores his obvious injuries. For consumers, the issue is not the possibility of getting bumped, something frequent flyers have come to expect. The real fear is the possibility of getting abused, humiliated, and hauled off the plane.

What’s more, this treatment of an Asian physician taps into racial sensitivities, with some people wondering whether police would have been as rough on a Caucasian senior. An event this extreme calls for a filmed apology, with the CEO directly addressing the incident, and his customers.

What should United have done? The basic tenets of crisis management listed below can help you contain a crisis and even turn a loss into a win:

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What You Need to Know Today About The Future of Customer Experience

Don’t you wish marketing were as easy as waving a magic wand? Unfortunately, marketers must create their own magic to drive sales, raise awareness and generate qualified leads, in the face of ever changing customer needs and expectations.

In order to capture, cater to, and retain a customer’s interest, CMOs and entrepreneurs need to make it more rewarding to choose their company. In the words of Hilton Chief Marketing Officer Geraldine Calpin, “We have to get customers really engaged and addicted to what we as a brand stand for. The way you get brand loyalty, love and stickiness, is through world class hospitality and technology. Simple, beautiful, useful technology makes travel easier.”

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Try These 3 Tricks When Working With Difficult People

Growing up in an Italian-American household meant you had to watch The Godfather Parts I and II every time they came on television. My father, John Gambardella, couldn’t wait for Marlin Brando, a.k.a. Vito Corleone, to utter his infamous line: “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

While many of us dream of leadership being that easy, we all realize, sooner or later, motivating others to comply with our requests is more complicated than Brando makes it look.

Like it or not, dealing and communicating with difficult people comes with being a leader. Whether it’s the business partner who wants too much or the employee who alienates his or her co-workers–learning to win an unfair fight is a critical skill set we all must obtain.

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