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Make 2018 Your Yes Year

2017 was my year of YES.

I said yes to expanding my client base into new markets. Yes to a huge marketing push for my agency. Yes to raising my visibility. Yes to every opportunity that could further my brand.

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7 Pain Points All Marketers Share (That Will Change Your Leadership Strategy)

Have you ever seen the Wong-Baker pain rating scale? Used in doctors’ offices and hospitals nationwide, it was developed to rate pain severity.

The scale shows a row of stylized faces rated 0-10. Zero is happy and smiling. Ten is miserable and teary, with increasing degrees of discomfort in-between. Marketers rarely experience a pain-free, happy-face day, unless they’re sipping mai tais on a tropical beach, their electronic devices safely stashed away.

As a marketer myself, I know the feeling.  We’re expected to be data-minded, always on, social media marketing gurus. That doesn’t leave much room for creativity. What’s worse, everyone in the company who ever took a marketing class wants to weigh in on strategies and tactics.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a marketer, understanding these seven major marketing pain points will make you better at your job:

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10 Timeless Marketing Lessons from the King of Rock and Roll


Everything I need to know about marketing I learned from the most famous teen idol of all time. I’m talking about The King of Rock n’ Roll himself – Elvis Aaron Presley! As of this writing, he has 17,608,945 Facebook fans and 272,000 Twitter followers.

It’s been decades since Elvis left the building, but he’s still creating fans and advocates and generating serious revenue. Take a few tips from Elvis and you too could market like a king.

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Want to Be Successful? You Must Understand This 1 Thing About Yourself

Are you a glass half full person, or a glass half-empty type? Granted, that’s a pretty reductive way to analyze personalities, but the old glass test does help us tell an optimistfrom a pessimist pretty quickly. Whether you’re a Pollyanna or not, the beginning of the New Year is as good a time as any to ponder how your worldview might affect your bottom line.

As Americans, we are a remarkably positive culture. We’re raised on upbeat clichés like “look on the bright side,” “accentuate the positive,” or “find the silver lining.” This optimism is so relentless that author Barbara Ehrenreich felt the need to push back in a contrarian best-seller titled Bright-sided: How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America.

The truth is, it’s not about optimism vs. pessimism. It’s about what motivates you. This was the conclusion of a recent study published in Social Cognition. The study determined that optimists had a “promotion mindset” – they focused on how they could advance and grow.

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Marketers In Puerto Rico Went Old School After Hurricane Maria (and Set an Absolute Amazing Example for Entrepreneurs)

What would you do if there were no power or Internet to communicate with your customers? This is a question I had plenty of time to mull over on my recent trip to Puerto Rico, where I was invited to give a workshop on how to communicate effectively after a storm. It was a humbling experience. Many resorts were damaged and still boarded up. 

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The Golden Ratio for Your Content

Somehow communicators have become a superstitious bunch. They have come to believe there is a magic number of times to post, share and distribute their content. The magic number varies based on budget and preconceived notions, but the goal is the same: create messages that make people click, like and engage.

But what if creating effective content requires more sophisticated math?

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