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If a Credit Card Company Can Emotionally Connect With Consumers, So Can You

Too often, entrepreneurs look for shiny new marketing campaigns–ignoring their brand’s hidden gold. You may have branding issues, sure. But it’s also possible that your problem is less about positioning than tactics. Business owners shouldn’t chase every new marketing trend that comes along, whether it’s live video or virtual reality. In fact, often reexamining what has worked in the past and thinking about how to apply those successes on new platforms is the first place to start.

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5 Things You Should Unlearn About Marketing

The belief that entrepreneurs can’t market like the big guys is a marketing myth in itself. While you may not have the budget of IBM or Brooks Brothers, you can easily apply all the advice shared here to your own marketing strategies. So get rid of the rules and conventional thinking and discover new ways to tell your story. Read on for some myth-busting advice that will help you grow your business and influence your industry.

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