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Make Them Miss You

Just this past Saturday, HBO launched The Searcher, a new documentary about the King. As a die-hard Elvis fan, I just had to watch. And as a communicator, I picked up on a vintage marketing technique that’s definitely ready for a comeback: Absence.

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Want to Build a Storied Brand? Here’s How Disney Does It.

I recently took my five-year-old daughter to Disney World for what she now refers to as “the best day of my life.” As a mom, I can’t say enough about how much fun we had. As a marketer, I have to wonder how the Magic Kingdom continues to demand, and get, the prices they charge. Ticket prices recently went up (again) to $129 per adult, a $5 increase. Parking is now $22 a day.

The answer is smart, consistent storytelling that creates Mickey fanatics of all ages. So, sprinkle some pixie dust and get ready to increase your profits, Disney style.

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Crisis of the Week: Sanofi Defends Dengue Fever Vaccine After Deaths

Crisis management, especially when it relates to deaths of children, requires a special level of compassion. Here’s a sample of my take on crisis communications in the Wall Street Journal on the company that missed the mark.

Adele Cehrs, chief executive, Epic: “Sanofi’s response to the alleged death of children from a vaccine is a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 for compassion. While Sanofi’s reputation engineers are focused on the medical details–such as stating symptoms ‘could get worse’–the company should focus on empathy for the patients and their families.

“Being overly cautious about issuing an apology is natural for a company with $1 billion a year in profits to treat dengue [fever] at stake. But saying, ‘No deaths related to the vaccine have been reported to us,’ will not win the company any goodwill from the World Health Organization or other governmental organizations.

By Adele Cehrs

This 1 Simple Exercise Will Change How You Handle Toxic People

A big idea. A thirst for freedom. The desire to help others. The drive to reach your own potential. The search for a more interesting life. Entrepreneurs have so many inspiring reasons for taking the leap. But there’s another, less glorious reason many of us strike out on our own: getting away from toxic people.

Here’s a common scenario. You leave a job because the head honcho, or honchette, is poisonous. Your new job is wonderful. Great boss, fun work, terrific team, opportunities for advancement etc. And then suddenly, there’s a new boss. Next thing you know, all the slackers are in his office, kissing his ring, taking credit for other people’s ideas, and getting promoted. At this point, you can suck it up, hit the job boards, or take a brave leap into self-employment.

Unfortunately, toxic people, like flu viruses, are everywhere. As an entrepreneur, you may have to contend with shifty suppliers, deadbeat clients, passive aggressive partners, bad-faith negotiators, know-it-alls, know-nothings, slackers, whiners, liars, drama queens … the list goes on and on.

In my career, I’ve also had my fair share of toxic bosses. From liars to criers — needless to say — dealing with difficult people at any level has its challenges.  As a crisis communications expert, understanding how and when to respond to toxic vitriol is critical to succeeding in business.

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Follow This 1 Rule of Marketing to Make Your Business Stand Out and Gain Respect

Which side are you on? What do you think?  In business, as in politics, having a clear point of view is one of the best ways to demonstrate authenticity from a branding standpoint.  Think about Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, or Toms Shoes. They’ve made their values crystal clear and it’s only increased their popularity.

Having an opinion can help your brand stick out from the pack, but authenticity can be good for your health as well.

Consider the polygraph test. The polygraph shows significant changes in physiological responses: a faster heart rate, higher blood pressure, and increased perspiration –the physical manifestations of stress. The truth may not set you free, but it help you feel better about yourself, your brand, and the times in which we live.

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How to Make your Content the Center of Attention

As an entrepreneur getting your business in front of the right customers can be a challenge. One of the best ways to do this is to create engaging content that makes customers want to visit your website, read your content and eventually buy your product or service. But, your customers are lost in a blizzard of content. According to Word

Press, some 92,000 new articles are posted on the Internet every day.

Meanwhile, attention spans keep shrinking and distractions abound. So how can your business be the shiny object? How do you get more eyeballs, clicks, and engagement? Promote after you post.

The promotional strategy for content should be a mix of relationship building, tools and follow-up strategies. Read on for some simple ways to spread your words.

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